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Raivo Kleinbergs "If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success."
/By John D. Rockefeller/

With this motto, in 2007 I went to Sweden, a land still unexplored by many anglers. At the beginning, I only knew that the Swedes have their own king, they know how to play hockey, they are fascinated by poached herring and that there are more than 90,000 lakes in this country! But where to go? Is fishing allowed there? But the main thing - does it interest the angler?
The answers to these questions had to be found every day. Fishing is my hobby, during these almost 15 years I have fished in hundreds of lakes, fully enjoyed the northern spirit and understood the details of local fishing. Now I can say with confidence - I know what to do!
From a small cabin in the middle of Sweden to a full-service fishing complex in Lapland, first in the Storuman area, now in the Wilhelmine commune by Lake Malgomaj, that's the way we've come to where we are today.
We can confidently say that we were the first to seriously focus on fishing tourism directly towards Sweden and we are still the best thanks to the experience, work and enthusiasm invested over the years.

Tight Lines!
Raivo Kleinbergs


Our base at Malgomaj lake

In the slideshow you can find out where the base is located (map) and what the base offers. Views of the base and interior spaces - sleeping rooms, kitchen, showers, fish cleaning area, rest room, boats, etc., etc.

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Slideshow with pictures of events in and around our base


News and current events, contacts with the base for booking or questions.